Advertising with is a high quality, targeted site that focuses on the needs of wine drinkers and enthusiasts. We have an avid audience who is actively interested in wineries, wine accessories, wine trips and other wine related items. Our readers actively search out and read about wine travel and wine related gift items. never uses pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitials or other deceptive ad types. Because of this, the ads we do run are paid attention to and receive a high level of attention and traffic. Our visitors respect the way our site is laid out - and they reward our advertisers with attentiveness. is run by Lisa Shea and currently receives over 2 million pageviews each month. In comparison, the Wine Spectator magazine has a paid circulation of 347,000 (according to a 2002 audit). With a print ad, you rely on the readers to remember and later act on that information - if they even turn to the page with your ad in it. With a web ad, you only pay when the user actually sees your ad. The user can immediately click and read your information at that exact moment, with no additional work or memory needed.

Ads that work extremely well with the WineIntro audience are ads for wineries, wine shops, wine clubs, glassware, travel, and books on wine related topics.

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All content on the WineIntro website is personally written by author and wine enthusiast Lisa Shea. WineIntro explores the delicious variety and beautiful history which makes up our world of wine! Lisa loves supporting local wineries and encouraging people to drink whatever they like. We all have different taste buds, and that makes our world wonderful. Always drink responsibly.