Virginia - US Wine Shipping Laws

No Wine Shipments In a country that produces Napa Valley Chardonnays, Washington Rieslings, Long Island Cabernets and great wines from almost every other state, it can be a felony to ship one of these wines between two states. The laws are different for every single state. What are the Virginia laws?

Virginia, land of many wineries, is sadly a very restricted state. If a resident hand-carries wine in, the person can bring in only one gallon worth of wine. To bring in more, an application must be filled out at: Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission, P.O. Box 27491, Richmond 23261

How about shipments? According to 4.1-310, section B reads:

B. No wine shall be imported, shipped, transported or brought into the Commonwealth unless it is consigned to a wholesale wine licensee.

The full Virginian Code is on line for further reading.

Hurrah! As of June 2, 2003, Governor Mark Warner signed into law a bill which allows Virginia residents to order up to 2 cases a year for their personal consumption.

The bill was:

SB 1117
Alcoholic beverage control; wine shippers' licenses.
Patron - Emmett W. Hanger, Jr.

This is awesome because not only can Virginia people ship wine in, but it means the many fantastic wineries of Virginia can finally ship wine OUT to other states, where people have been wanting to receive their wines!

This page isn't being maintained any more - for the more current status for Virginia wine shipments visit my Virginia Wine Shipping Page!

United States Wine Shipping Status

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