Old Sturbridge Village - Chaine des Rotisseurs

I adore Old Sturbridge Village. This is an 1830s full village done in traditional style, located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. You walk down the dirt pathways, go into the homes and shops, and experience the calm peace of what it would be like to live in the 1830s. I could live here all day long :) So when the Chaine des Rotisseurs - a culinary group which enjoys food and wine - decided to do a dinner here in authentic style, I was thrilled! Not only that, but my obsession with Jane Austen meant I could make a period era dress (albeit English, not American) and wear that to the dinner. I was in!

It was FREEZING cold in February when this dinner was held. Luckily I own a cloak or two :) Here are the photos of me walking in through the village, heading towards the Bullard Tavern where the dinner was to be held. They had lanterns out along the path to light the way.

Old Sturbridge Village

This church is on the opposite end of the main green as the tavern.

Old Sturbridge Village

In this image the church is behind us and the tavern is immediately to the right of the big white house.

Old Sturbridge Village

Here is the tavern, which has a smaller "entry hall" to the right.

Old Sturbridge Village

The entry hall part.

Old Sturbridge Village

Now to move on inside the tavern!

Inside the Bullard Tavern

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