White Wine and Food Pairings

Wine and Food pairings is an individual choice. Every person's sense of taste is different. In general, each person should decide for him or herself what combinations of wine and food taste good - don't worry about what anyone else says should work. However, I understand this is difficult when a wine drinker is just starting out. Hence, this listing.

Remember - these are only guidelines!! You will figure out quite quickly that your own tongue has its own idea of what goes well with what. Trust your own judgement, and eat and drink what you enjoy!

Typically, you want to drink light-to-dark, just as when you plan a meal you start with delicate tastes and work towards heavier tastes. For this reason, you tend to serve a white wine with appetizers or opening courses in a meal. White wines also go well with most lighter dishes - salads, fish, poultry, and so on.

Chardonnay White
Mild Cheese -
Strong Cheese - -
Appetizers -
Oysters --- -
Shrimp, crab, lobster - - -
Shellfish -- --
Seafood w/lite sauce -- -
Seafood w/cream sauce ---- -
Grilled Fish -- -
Pasta w/cream sauce --- --
Pasta w/red sauce ------
Asian food ---
Poultry -
Pork - - -
Beef ------
Chocolate -----

Wine and Food Pairing Advice