Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide

If you have a certain type of wine and want to know what cheese to serve with it, here's your chart! If your aim is to find what wines go with a certain cheese, visit the Cheese Pairing Chart.

Remember, as with all pairings, your taste buds reign supreme. These are just guidelines - you may find you like quite different combinations!

Asti Spumanti - baby swiss
Beaujolais - US brie, feta, muenster
Bordeaux - havarti
Cabernet Sauvignon - US brie, camembert, strong cheddar, Danish blue
Champagne - vintage brie, mild cheddar, chevre, colby, edam, gouda
Chardonnay - mild cheddar, gruyere, provolone
Chenin Blanc - camembert
Gewurztraminer - boursin, caraway, chevre, swiss
Madeira - bleu
Riesling - cheshire, colby, edam, gouda, monterey jack
Rioja - strong cheddar, havarti
Sancerre - goat cheese
Sauternes - gorgonzola
Sauvignon Blanc - strong cheddar, gruyere
Sherry - bleu
Sherry, sweet - vintage brie
Port, Tawny - bleu, roquefort, stilton
Vouvray - goat cheese
White Zinfandel - cream cheese
Zinfandel - muenster

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