Wine and Appetizers

Cheese The typical pre-meal snack most people associate with wine is, of course, cheese. There is certainly a huge range of wine/cheese pairings that can be done. What else, though, should you serve as appetizers, and which wines go well with what?

Sparkling Wines
Smoked salmon (brut)

White Wines
Gewurztraminer is the typical appetizer wine - light, sweet
Chenin Blanc goes with light chicken pieces

Red Wines
Usually you don't want a red wine with appetizers, since something heavy would 'spoil' your tongue for any wines you wanted with the main meal. Your best bet would be a light Beaujolais, which is fresh and gentle. Try this with fresh oysters for a delicious treat. Or try it with blue cheese on crusty brown or pumpernickel bread.

Wine Pairing by Food Type
Wine Food Pairings by Food Type
Wine Food Pairings