Wine Ham Pairings - Thanksgiving, Easter and Wine

Ham is a classic meat to serve on special occasions, whether it's Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other time of year. What wines go well with ham?

In general, Ham has a light, sweet flavor, especially with the sauces that tend to go along with it. If you had a heavy wine, you'd drown out that flavor. A tart wine would taste funny with the sweet sauce. So you want to go with a gentle, light, semi-sweet wine.

For red wine lovers, Pinot Noir does very well. In France, the Pinot Noir grape is used to make Burgundy wines.

For white wine lovers, Gewurztraminer is spicy and sweetish.

You can also go with many of the rose, blush, and White Zinfandel wines on the market. Cherry wine (if you can find it) also does very well!

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