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My violet female budgie
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two blues
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Welcome to the LisaShea Forums!
The LisaShea forums are a community of over 10,000 members from around the world. We enjoy discussions about parakeets, relationships, religion, politics, current events, and much more. As we are all from different backgrounds and different cultures, please ensure your posts are always respectful, supportive, and use clean language. This helps to ensure our pages can be appreciated from libraries at any part of the globe. Welcome!
Parakeets, also known as budgies and keets, are the most popular bird pet in the world. Visit the Lisa Shea Budgie Info Pages for full details on how to train, care for, and feed your pet parakeet. Please share your stories and questions in the forums below!
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General Parakeet Chat (9 viewing)
Parakeets are some of the most popular pets in the world. Share general discussions about keets here! Be sure to read the Parakeet Pages before you post, as those pages answer most commonly asked questions.
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safe keet play gyms
(Brandi&Pitrie) - 03/25/15 04:00 PM
Keet Stories and Photos (1 viewing)
Parakeets do some amazing things! Share your stories and photos of your keets here! Make sure that you own full rights to any photos used, and that no photos of minors are posted.
3058 42840
Parakeets and Pizza
(Lisa Shea) - 01/02/15 07:46 AM
Parakeet Photo Gallery
This photo gallery allows you to enjoy and share photos of parakeets from around the world! I realize that many of you prefer to have your photos in the regular threads, but this gallery offers an option for visitors who don't have any photo hosting location. The gallery allows the photos to get uploaded onto THIS server for free. Enjoy!
396 3328
Re: two blues
(MrsIndigo) - 08/31/14 04:46 PM
Budgie Training
If you're working on training your parakeet, ask your questions here! Be sure to read the Hand Training Instructions which give step by step instructions on how to hand train a parakeet.
1803 15359
Re: Very wild budgie pair
(Laurel962) - 01/25/15 10:17 PM
Health and Medical Issues (2 viewing)
You should ALWAYS talk to a vet immediately if your keet is at all behaving oddly. Parakeets try to hide their sickness to survive in nature, and if you wait until it gets "worse" it could be too late. A vet visit fund (around $30) should always be set aside in your household for emergencies.
2102 19895
Re: Broken Wing?
(Lisa Shea) - 03/23/15 09:19 PM
Parakeet Breeding
IMPORTANT NOTE: Every breeder should have a VET ON CALL as soon as they have a male and female keet together. The female keet needs to be checked out for health issues before she lays eggs. The breeder must have the correct equipment necessary to care for the chicks. We are not vets here. We cannot dispense medical advice. We can only provide our experience with similar issues. Always call your vet first!!
434 5645
Re: need help sexing fancy...
(Lisa Shea) - 03/17/15 11:30 AM
In Memory Of ...
No creature is immortal. Every living being must be born, live, and eventually die. Share stories and photos of your pets that have passed away. All posts in this forum must be properly respectful.
357 3566
Re: Our buddy Denny is gon...
(Lisa Shea) - 03/05/15 07:14 AM
Non-Budgie Pets and Animals
This form is for all pets and animals that are not budgies! Cats, dogs, hamsters, and more!
1441 20636
Re: Any advice anyone woul...
(Lisa Shea) - 12/18/14 04:29 PM
Non-Budgie Animal Photo Gallery
Share your photos of dogs, cats, parrots, fish, and other animals that you enjoy! I realize that many of you prefer to have your photos in the regular threads, but this gallery offers an option for visitors who don't have any photo hosting location. The gallery allows the photos to get uploaded onto THIS server for free. Enjoy!
112 1105
Re: My yellow lab rescue
(JeanneM) - 04/16/11 03:13 AM
Off-Topic for Parakeet Owners (1 viewing)
Parakeet owners can feel free to discuss non-parakeet ideas and issues here. The forum rules always apply! NB: Games have their own section!
2174 34318
Re: Anyone play World of ...
(MrsIndigo) - 08/31/14 05:15 PM
Games for Parakeet Owners - and Others!
An area especially for your forum games!
42 10905
Re: Question of the day!
(IndigoWings) - 08/31/14 05:18 PM
Debate and Serious Discussion re Birds, Animals, etc
This is where you can discuss serious or controversial subjects on the theme of animals, birds, etc. Debate can leaded to heated argument, so remember to keep things objective. * No Personal Attacks * Do Not Take Things Personally
63 1040
Re: Only 3200 Tigers Left ...
(Lisa Shea) - 11/11/14 06:56 AM
Bird and Animal Books (1 viewing)
Do you have a favourite book on the subject of animals or birds? It might be a factual advice book, or a true story, or even a fictional tale. This is your chance to discuss, recommend, etc. PS. Remember: Small quotes are acceptable, but not long pieces, because of copyright concerns.
34 138
Re: FREE Parakeet Ebook
(Budgie Daisy) - 02/10/15 12:06 PM
General Discussion
Talks about Leonardo Da Vinci, religion, philosophy, Japanese culture, and more. For the main articles, visit
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Books, TV, Movies
Whether it's Philip K Dick, Robert B Parker or Bond, James Bond, comes talk about your favorites!
341 3770
Call off Christmas!
(Lisa Shea) - 12/19/14 04:17 PM
Da Vinci Code (1 viewing)
Dan Brown and the Da Vinci Code brought up lots of questions. Come share in the ponderings and propose answers.
643 8604
Re: Super-Old Gospel
(Lisa Shea) - 01/24/15 03:41 AM
We all have dreams - although it can be challenging to remember them sometimes! Learn how to get a good night's sleep, how to remember your dreams, how to control them, and what they mean.
91 560
Visions in Dreams
(Lisa Shea) - 11/10/14 06:49 AM
Japanese Culture
Whether it's restaurant reviews, movie enjoyment or history questions, share your love of the Japanese culture here.
90 614
Duck Tape Origami Crane
(Lisa Shea) - 01/07/15 08:29 PM
Life, The Universe, and Everything (4 viewing)
There are thousands of pages on my sites, and thousands of topics to discuss! Share your random commentary here.
1176 16939
Re: Meditate
(Lisa Shea) - Yesterday at 08:48 PM
Online Courses
Are you thinking of doing any online education? Check in here for more information!
17 120
Graduating from College
(Lisa Shea) - 08/17/14 08:08 AM
Any political or world event topic is fair game here. The challenge is to discuss politics but to stay civil about it!
335 5409
Band Aid song for Ebola
(Lisa Shea) - 11/11/14 08:49 AM
Religious Research (9 viewing)
Religion is a topic that fascinates many people. All logical discussion appreciated.
1990 39463
Re: Matthew 12:40
(Lisa Shea) - 03/05/15 07:11 AM
Show Your Own Work
Have you written a beautiful poem or produced a super drawing? Would you like to show it here? IMPORTANT: Original work only please ~ no copying or 'borrowing' from the work of others! Please note; No plagiarism, please. No breaking copyright law, please.
336 1430
Re: Romantic Traditions in...
(PDM) - 03/24/15 06:54 AM
Working from Home and Getting Published
Are you interested in learning how to work from home or get your works published? We'll help you with every step here!

Be sure to start out with the resource libraries at Working From Home and Getting Published!

192 896
Amazon Kindle Scout ebook ...
(Lisa Shea) - 03/18/15 02:00 PM
Your Forum News
Updates on changes to this forum system
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Forum Server Move
(Lisa Shea) - 10/31/14 12:29 AM

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