hey everyone... haven't been around for a while - life keeps me busy these days.

anyhoo, i was interested to hear what peoples rections are to current world events.

ten years ago i was going around telling people that much of the evils of the past 150 years can be traced to the banks - the world wars, versailles treaty and iraq just to mention a few. people pretty consistently thought i was a paranoid conspiracy theorist and found my ideas at best droll.

i don't like to gloat (actually, yes, i do!!), but the past two years have vindicated me.

we now have a europe wide dictatorship which is deposing the elected leaders of italy and greece and replacing them with unelected officials appointed by guess who - the imf ( a bank). we have worldwide austerity measures tightening their grip on the bottom end of society to pay for the financial terrorism perpetrated by the rich. in the uk northern rock is the latest example - a bank which went pop, was bailed out with 21 billion pounds of tax money and now sold by cameron to richard branson for a mere 750 million. yep, its a great life on the inside... and all the while the nato war machine grinds on with covert intervention unconvincingly dressed up as revolution in lybia, syria and egypt funded by guess who? the likes of jp morgan.

and meanwhile there are worldwide protests against these glaring social injustices and massive crimes of the rich. and how do governments react to these peaceful protests? the uk seeks injunctions to have protesters removed from the steps of st pauls - a public space. the usa is beating the crap out of peacefully protesting students and hosing them down with pepper spray in some of the most disgraceful displays of police violence since the days of civil rights marches in phillie. many other countries are not far behind...

so who is raping the world and causing misery more than ever? the super rich banks? whose side are the governments on - the oppressed masses or the banks - well of course the banks, and that is whose interests violent riot police all over the world are protecting. money talks and bullshit walks.

where is this heading? worldwide autocracy by financial institutions or possibly revolution? i'm hoping for the latter, but i won't hold my breath waiting...

what is everybody else making of all of this stuff?? please, do tell.

It's All got to go!!!

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