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#402625 - 06/25/10 06:15 AM Parakeet will not eat  
Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 3
bna1rri Offline
New Member
bna1rri  Offline
New Member

Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 3
We just purchased a parakeet for my daughter. She did not eat for the first 24 hours. I was finally able to get her to eat about 15 hours ago. However, I noticed that the petstore gave my Kaytee Fruit and Veggie treat as pet food. The directions says to limit 20% per day. This is all she has had. Is there any chance we have harmer her?

#402626 - 06/25/10 06:53 AM Re: Parakeet will not eat [Re: bna1rri]  
Joined: Sep 2009
Posts: 446
Jessica Cole Offline
Great Friend
Jessica Cole  Offline
Great Friend

Joined: Sep 2009
Posts: 446
United States
When you first bring your parakeet home, it will play the statue game. It will sit there in the cage really quiet and take in the surroundings. It may also not eat for a while. When I brought my parakeet home for the first time, he refused to eat, but the next day he was eating, but still played the statue game. If I caught him eating, he would go back to be a statue on his perch. So, this is normal.

However, is the parakeet fluffed up? If so, then he/she may be sick. If this is true, then take it to an avian vet immediately.

Also, make sure the food you're feeding has no dye in it. Dye can cause sickness and even tumors. An all-natural seed diet is the best. Also, offer veggies and fruits for your parakeet once in a while, for these have nutrients and vitamins in them. Don't feel discouraged if your keet doesn't take to the offered fruit/veggies right away. Also, if you offer apples, make sure there are no seeds, because they are toxic.

You should only fill your keet's dish just so the seed is covering the bottom of the food dish. You don't have to fill it all the way up. They generally only eat the surface.

You must change food and water every day!

How, exactly, did you GET her to eat? Did you encourage it or was there force involved? Just asking.

I think we need more info to know if you have harmed her. However, I don't think you have, unless your keet is looking weak or malnourished in any way. If they are feeling weak/starved in any way, they will go sit at the bottom of the cage and not be able to perch. Is she doing this?

Generally, this behaviour is normal for a new parakeet when they first arrive at your home. I think you have some research and reading to do. : )

#402629 - 06/25/10 09:32 AM Re: Parakeet will not eat [Re: Jessica Cole]  
Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 7,295
illusive Fantasy Offline
Platinum Star Soulmate
illusive Fantasy  Offline
Platinum Star Soulmate

Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 7,295
I dont know where you purchased her but they should of sold you some budgie seed mix too as those treat sticks are not the basic diet...and shouldnt be feed daily even ...they are meant as a treat once in awhile during a need a regular natural seed diet as Jessica mentions..with a small amount of pellets added to it and again as Jess says with no coloring / dye to it. A avian vet check should be done for basic wellness to make sure your new keet is well. Be sure to look for a AVIAN vet as regular vets havent a clue about birds.

Leave the bird to its own adjustment time for at least a week to ten days before you try to play or reach in for it or even let it out as it should be first hand or finger trained before allowed to fly about...when you do let it out make sure mirrors are covered and no ceiling fans are on...water in sinks should not be left in them as they can drown easily and keep the toilet seat down for this reason also...once it comes out dont panic when it does a couple of crash and burns as they say...when it does DONT chase after it either..this will further traumatise it...let it recover from its embarrassment then have a long perch to recover it usually from a high spot as thats their preference at first till they are no longer afraid of you ...but dont chase after it at all let it figure out things and when your ready to put it back then use the perch to bring it back to its cage...slowly. If you have house plants many are toxic and you will need to know the list of safe and toxic house plants so your bird doesnt eat any poisonus can google that info....good luck an welcome to this forum

Last edited by illusive Fantasy; 06/25/10 09:33 AM.

#402630 - 06/25/10 11:32 AM Re: Parakeet will not eat [Re: illusive Fantasy]  
Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 3
bna1rri Offline
New Member
bna1rri  Offline
New Member

Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 3

We first brought our parakeet home on Tuesday around 6:00 p.m. We knew not to try to hold her or get her out of the cage. Petsmart instructed us to gently lay a wash cloth over her in the box and pick her up to put her into her new home. We knew not to force our hand or grab her. That hasn't been a problem. Unfortunately, when standing with the employee picking out a food to bring home, my daughter randomly picked up one of the containers. The employee said, "That one will work." So, we blindly purchased it without reading the label. For the first 36 hours, we couldn't tell she was eating at all. So, we got nervous and gently lifted the feed bowl to her perch. She immediately began to eat. We felt much better until my son & I both noticed about 12 hours later that she was looking "chubby". She seriously looked like she was putting on pounds. Her feathers still look smooth, but I have noticed a couple fell out as she picks at her wings. So, I read the label of the food for the first time. Turns out, it's not food at all, it's Fiesta fruit and veggie treat. It looks like bird seed. It pours like seed. It is brightly colored, but doesn't list die on the label. We took it away from her last night at midnight. We are going to Petsmart this morning to purchase the same food she was eating there and this time we WILL read the labels. smile Thanks so much to both of you for your responses.

#402632 - 06/25/10 12:45 PM Re: Parakeet will not eat [Re: bna1rri]  
Joined: Jul 2008
Posts: 7,692
kksuns Offline
Platinum Star Soulmate
kksuns  Offline
Platinum Star Soulmate

Joined: Jul 2008
Posts: 7,692
upstate NY
bna, I think your new keet will be just fine. I really don't think his eating the fruit n veggie mix is going to harm him in any way. Might possibly give him diarrhea or funky colored poops for a bit, but as long as you get a good budgie seed mix now, he'll be fine. It's also a good time to introduce pellets, maybe add a bit to his seed mix.
As others said, look for seed mix and pellets with no color added. It's really not good for them. I never understood WHY manufacturers add color! It's pointless and harmful. geesh
Also lots of time new birds are not used to eating from dishes hung on the side of cage. They're used to eating from a dish on the cage floor. So you might want to put a dish of seed on the floor for a while, along with the normal on the side.
Congrats on your new friend and welcome to the forum smile
Any questions feel free to ask, there is usually someone around willing to help out. Enjoy!

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