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Bath Time

Posted By: Kacey_Bugsy_777

Bath Time - 12/12/04 12:09 AM

I just gave Kacey her first bath!!! laugh

First I thoroughly scrubbed the bathrom counter and sink.

Then I put a square tupperwere container in the bathroom sink, and filled it with luke warm water.

Then I filled a squrit-bottle (on mist) with lukewarm water as well.

Then next to the sink I spread a towel. And the hair-dryer there as well.

I left the water running at a trickle.

Then I put Kacey in the sink and let her do her thing. I did spray her with a mist from the bottle just to help her along. And because it is like rain.

Then once I thought she was clean enough, I took her out of the sink, put her on the towel, and turned the hair-dryer on low and blew it on her from a fair distance.I did pet her with the towel just to get her a little dryer.

Did I do everything right??
Posted By: getlow316

Re: Bath Time - 12/12/04 01:04 AM

Lisa may correct me but I would skip the towel patting and the blow drier. I would just make sure the room is warm and let the keet do his own thing. I had a store bought bird bath before that hooked on the cage door and he would just go in and do his thing. I also had a shallow bowl with water once and that bird would go in there and do the same. I think they do a pretty good job of shaking theirselves dry without help. Right now with Petey since he is not trained yet I just put some warm water in a spray bottle and mist him good right in his cage, he seems to enjoy that!
Posted By: Kacey_Bugsy_777

Re: Bath Time - 12/12/04 01:17 AM

Well, the towel patting probably isn't needed, but she really seems to enjoy the hairdryer alot! smile But now she is nice and dry and clean! laugh
Posted By: getlow316

Re: Bath Time - 12/12/04 01:19 AM

It sounds like you really love your keet and the story you told is so cute! wink
Posted By: Alyssa

Re: Bath Time - 12/12/04 01:24 AM

I'm still scared to take my bird out like that. Shes still a little crazy =x I think she would try to fly away and end up falling on the floor and me freaking out. I tried misting her, but she doesnt really like it yet. :p
Posted By: Kacey_Bugsy_777

Re: Bath Time - 12/12/04 02:07 AM

I think her first bath went pretty well. She bit me a coupl of times though frown But in the end she got clean. smile
Posted By: getlow316

Re: Bath Time - 12/12/04 02:38 AM

Originally posted by Kacey_Keet_777:
I think her first bath went pretty well. She bit me a coupl of times though frown But in the end she got clean. smile
I stand corrected Chelsea! I was just reading another thread from Lisa about letting your bird in the shower and she says she used a blowdrier too! She said she used the low setting and kept it at a distance and the bird loved it. I just wondered about the draft thing. Sounds like you did good! Go to the next part of the forum where the pictures are and you can read it. -Scott
Posted By: Pebbles_lil_cutie

Re: Bath Time - 12/12/04 03:59 PM

Thats great you got her to take the bath! Did she enjoy the actual bath part?
Posted By: Kacey_Bugsy_777

Re: Bath Time - 12/12/04 04:25 PM

I think she found it very frightening at first. But once I started to spray her withthe bottle she calmed down. smile
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Bath Time - 12/13/04 10:36 AM

Yup I think a hair dryer is in fact sort of important if you're doing it in the winter.

The thing with breezes is that they disrupt the bird's natural "coccoon" of air around them. So if your bird is fluffed up and trying to build a layer of warm air trapped in their feathers, a breeze blows away that warm air and leaves them cold.

But when the bird is wet, the water is evaporating from their feathers and skin and making them cold - just like when you get goose bumps when you come out of a pool and the air is cold. So that evaporation isn't good. You are trying to help the bird dry off without the evaporation stealing their body warmth, and a gentle warm blow drier does that - gets rid of the water while keeping the bird warm.
Posted By: Pebbles_lil_cutie

Re: Bath Time - 12/13/04 11:18 PM

I should try the hair dryer next time thats a good idea!
Posted By: Kacey_Bugsy_777

Re: Bath Time - 12/13/04 11:20 PM

Yeah, Kacey seemed to really enjoy the hair dryer! smile
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Bath Time - 12/14/04 05:52 AM

Yup when Bob took a shower today I brought Nazo up. Usually Nazo hangs out on the shower curtain road and waits for Bob to go in - but today the insane fool flew right into the shower stream herself because Bob was taking too long. I hadn't adjusted the shower yet and it was hot! Luckily Nazo didn't get into the stream really but that is a prime example of why you need to make the room safe beforehand. I should have made sure the water was a safe temperature before I brought Nazo up in the first place. She'd never done that before but she could have been burnt if she really got into the water stream.

In any case, I quickly made the water lukewarm and she flew right down to my hand again to splash in the stream not waiting for Bob. She must've really wanted her bath.

Eventually Bob got in the shower and Nazo flew down again, but by that point she was pretty much done and didn't want to shower any more. So I let her hang out on top of the door to the bathroom, and used the blow drier to dry her feathers back off again. She was so wet she could barely fly. If I'd just let her sit there and dry off naturally, she would have been very chilled as the water evaporated from her and sucked away her body heat. So drying her off with the blow drier kept her warm while it made the water evaporate.
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