Wing Flipping

Posted by: Edd

Wing Flipping - 11/20/17 11:42 AM

Lisa had to send you a message as my Female Frack has taken up a thing where she will flip her wings and its different from wingersize is what I call it.
This type of wing flip is like a nervous twitch.
Also when she nips your finger she will break the skin.
Other than that all is ok.
sleep warm
Posted by: Edd

Re: Wing Flipping - 11/29/17 10:18 PM

Lisa I need some info about Frack's wing flipping PLEASE!!!!!
Posted by: Lisa Shea

Re: Wing Flipping - 12/12/17 10:38 AM

I apologize for the delay - things have been chaotic in my home life. You need to take Frack to a vet to have her looked at - there could easily be something medical bothering her that is triggering it.