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As "male" jobs go away

Posted By: Lisa Shea

As "male" jobs go away - 04/13/17 02:12 AM

As "male" jobs go away, like truck drivers, more men will need to learn to do "Women's work" to get jobs. That is where the job growth is. Which raises all sorts of questions. Will the jobs start to pay more? Will the jobs earn more respect?

Posted By: Les-And

Re: As "male" jobs go away - 09/03/17 04:25 AM

I have yet to find a woman who doesn't mind getting grease and dirt under her fingernails, or go out in public with grimy and hands laden with skin cracks that show the type of work she does.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: As "male" jobs go away - 09/03/17 04:36 AM

Les-And -

Welcome to our forum!

Your statement baffles me completely. A large number of my female friends LOVE to mountain bike and kayak. They are constantly fixing their bikes and working on them.

Just what type of women are you interacting with? In what industry?
Is it something like high finance? Where do you live?
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