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my cage
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Poster lnarbehsevan Offline
Posted 04/22/12 12:44 PM
Hi guys this is my parakeets cage ,so as you have seen the cage is hanging from top of the base and one side of the cage is very close to the wall,and they are located in our flower rooms .

Because of hanging from the top when birds are in activity cage has some little oscilation movments ?

Will that oscilation movments intrupt them if tehy want mate or breeding ?Or if the female go in a box for layying eggs ,and the other one strat to fly in a cage so we will have some oscilation will that be a problem ?or its ok ?
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#423476 - 04/25/12 09:04 AM Re: my cage [Re: lnarbehsevan]
kksuns Offline
Platinum Star Soulmate

Registered: 07/29/08
Posts: 7692
Loc: upstate NY
ahhh this answers my question as to how big your cage is.
Sorry to say I really think it is too small for 4 birds, even more too small for breeding 2 pairs.
You have some very beautiful keets there Inarbehsevan :)I was looking at your other pics.

I do think they need more room and they also need more variety of perches. They should have a grooming type perch or 2 like this
and maybe a comfy perch or 2 like this
Natural wood/branch perches are great too if you are SURE the branches are from a safe non toxic tree, bark removed and cleaned properly.
I can't see if you have a mineral block in there for them, but can't stress enough how important that is. A plain, unflavored uncolored mineral block.
At least 2 if not more feeding stations and a couple water dishes/silos.
One more thing? If planning on eventually letting them out for some fly time(which you should work slowly with them and get them hand/finger tamed first) you will have to go through all of your plants to make sure none are toxic to your birds smile

Be sure your cage is very secure hanging that way as I have seen more than a few accidents from falling cages.
Perhaps add another cage and separate them, putting the cages on cage stands?

Edited by kksuns (04/25/12 09:05 AM)


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#423501 - 04/28/12 04:39 AM Re: my cage [Re: lnarbehsevan]
lnarbehsevan Offline

Registered: 04/17/12
Posts: 35
Thanks for your answer regarding the height of the cage it is around 85 com and the length is 45 with the width of 35 honestly it was the biggest cage in that market .

I have seen that they can fly and move well inside ,and I have hanged them on the wall ,but to be honest I love the cages which are big enough ,but right now my budgies are get used to this cage and I think If I want again change the cage they will get shocked .

I don't live in USA but I am have the residency of there ,so I can back there again ,but the problem is carrying big cages from petco seems to be difficult to travel with you to over seas. .


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