The Muppet Movie

The Muppet Movie contains one of the funniest scenes ever shown involving Champagne! In general there is a star-studded cast of comedians in here, and the classic wine scene involves Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy having a romantic dinner together at a fancy restaurant. The waiter is Steve Martin. Here's the dialogue for this classic scene.

Kermit: I took the liberty of ordering us some wine. oh waiter!

Steve: yes may I help you?

Kermit: The wine please?

Piggy: hmmm - you mad impetuous thing, it's Champagne!

Steve: (taking the bottle from a table-side ice bucket) Not exactly - Sparkeling muscatel - one of the finest wines of Idaho!

Kermit: Well, you may serve us now please.

Steve: Oh may I?

(Steve examines the bottle. You can see the bottle says Vin de Idaho on it, with a block image in the shape of Idaho on the label.)

Piggy: look how he does that!

Kermit: yup very suave

(Steve reaches to his apron and takes a bottle opener. Then he pops off the bottle cap and holds it over to Kermit.)

Steve: Don't you want to smell the bottlecap?

Kermit: (hesitantly sniffing) Smells good.

Steve: Would you like to taste it first?

Piggy: (to Kermit, trying to help out as Kermit hesitates) I think he's supposed to.

Kermit: Would you taste it for us please?

(Steve reluctantly gives it a taste, and then wildly spits it out to the side in disgust, making nasty faces. Composing himself, he turns back to the pair.)

Steve: Excellent choice.

Kermit: Should be for 95 cents.

(Steve pours the sparkling wine into 2 Marie Antoinette style wide-brim glasses.)

Kermit: And um may we have straws please?

Steve: Yes, I expected that. (He plunks straws down into each glass)

Kermit: That'll be all for now

Steve: Oh thank you.

What is funny of course is that in modern times, Pommery Pop promotes itself as the single-serving straw-drinking bubbly :) And that wines are all moving to the cap closure model!

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