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Champagne Cork Wire Cage Chair

Champagne corks usually come wrapped in a wire cage. This cage helps ensure that the cork - which is under high pressure - does not release from the bottle until it is time to open the bottle. Most people just throw away this wire cage. However, it's a great craft item! You can use this to make little chairs out of, for decorating, for party favors, for mementos of a fun evening, and even for place card holders!

Champagne Cork Wire Cage Chair

This set of instructions uses a Moet & Chandon wire cage. You can of course use any winery you wish. Just make sure that the wire that circles the base of the unit is one piece. that is, from the top circular metal area, there should be four separate wires coming down to form the four legs. Then at the opposite end there should be a circle of separate wire which can be taken out. You'll see what I mean once you read through the instructions.

So here is a wire cage in its native state, once you get it off the Champagne bottle. There's a metal circular cap, and then the cage part.

Champagne Cork Wire Cage Chair

There are two ways you can do this next part. You get get a set of wire snippers, or a tough pair of scissors. You can cut through the bottom circle of wire to release it, and draw it out from the four legs. So in this image, the part you would cut is anywhere on the circular ring that is touching the table.

Champagne Cork Wire Cage Chair

What I prefer to do is to unwind the bottom ring. That way I get the entire ring to work with, without any cut pieces. You'd want some needle nose pliers to do this. It's a little more tricky, because you are unwinding a wire, but it's quite possible and gives you the best results.

Champagne Cork Wire Cage Chair

So here you see the bottom circle of wire after it's been removed from the four legs. It takes patience but it's not technically challenging at all. You simply gently pull that circle out of the little loop at the bottom of each leg.

Champagne Cork Wire Cage Chair

Part 2 - Creating the Champagne Cork Wire Cage Chair

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