Sake Tasting Cup

The sake tasting cup is primarily geared towards helping you SEE the color and cloudiness of the sake. It is larger than most traditional sake cups - about the size of a fat shot glass, made of ceramic and with a bulls-eye design at the bottom.

Sake Tasting Cup

Your goal is to half fill this cup with sake and then look at the bullseye design at the bottom. This helps you determine if the sake is clear or cloudy, transparent or yellowish.

Here is a typical clear sake in the cup.

Sake Tasting Cup

In comparison, here is one of the unfiltered, cloudy sake. You can see the difference!

Sake Tasting Cup

In addition to the look, you also note the flavors you taste, how long they last and how earthy they are.

The two little white cups below the sake tasting cup are the traditionally sized sake cups which came with a set. You can see how small they are in comparison! To see those cups in a front view visit my Sake Serving Sets page.

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