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Armagnac Brandy Wine Information

Armagnac is a brandy created in Gascony, about 100 miles south of Cognac. There are three areas in Armagnac - Bas-Armagnac (the best), Tenareze, and Haut-Armagnac. Most Armagnac are created from these four grapes: Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc (trebbiano), Colombard and Baco. This region uses a continuous still method, where they ferment to a lower alcohol level. This allows the spirit to retain many of its characteristics, although it often needs longer aging (13-15 yrs) than a Cognac.

Armagnac has an additional level - Hors dí‚ge - which must be aged for 10 years before release. Note that after around 35 years, almost all brandies have lived too long.

Brandies are typically drunk after a meal, at around 70F. They go well with nut and apple desserts, or on their own. It should be served in a thin glass, which should be held by the stem - not the bowl. Warming the glass causes the alcohol to evaporate too quickly, drowning out the fruit aromas.

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