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Baco Noir Wine Information

What a red! None of this mamby-pamby light stuff. A Baco Noir, created from hybrid grapes, has heft to it - very complex flavors, with wood, spice, richness, texture. Definitely a long finish, something that can go with a rich BBQ ribs dish.

Best of all, there's the infamous Purple Mouth that results! When I tasted one at Henry of Pelham's winery in the Niagara region of Canada, they made me stick out my tongue to show the purpleness. You can offer this wine to unsuspecting friends and see if they notice each others tongues. They probably won't, they'll be enraptured by the wine's flavor.

I love this quote. "Pelham's Baco Noir is the 'true north' red wine - woodsy, rustic and wild. It needs food that smacks of the wilderness and a few plaid shirts 'round the supper table. If your dining room is from Ikea forget Baco Noir. Delicious now, but age two or three years if you can." William Munnelly, The 100 Best Wines for 1999.

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