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Mencia Wine Information

Mencia is a fairly unusual grape; if you live in the US you might go years between spotting a bottle of Mencia wine on a wine shop's shelves. It is primarily grown in Spain. They once thought that Mencia was a type of Cabernet Franc, but they now know that Mencia is a grape all its own.

Mencia is not a new grape. There are "old vine" plantings of Mencia which are 60 or more years old. Still, for a long while, consumers were focusing on "grapes they knew" so Mencia was left behind. Now that wine drinkers are becoming more adventureous, Mencia is being presented as an interesting alternative.

It is a gentle red, light, fruity, I would say sort of in the Chianti and Merlot area of red wines. Cherry, plum, gentle. The brand I can find in the US is Exaltos, but there might be a few others that make it here.

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