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Pinot Grigio / Pinot Gris Wine Information

Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are actually the same white grape, with two different names. In Italy and California this wine is known as pinot grigio, while in Oregon and France it's known as pinot gris. Other countries use the terms interchangeably. The pinot grigio grape is in essence a white mutation of the pinot noir grape, which is red.

Important note - pinot blanc is not the same as pinot gris or pinot grigio. Pinot blanc is a further mutation of the pinot noir grape.

Most pinot grigio wines are created in Italy. The Italian version of pinot grigio is typically dry (not sweet) and light, with a mineral taste to it. Californian variants of pinot grigio tend to be richer in flavor, but still have the mineral taste. Often, they finish with a lemony or citrusy flavor.

French pinot gris wines tend to come from the Alsace region. These are more fruity and flowery than their Italian counterparts, though they still have that mineral aroma. Flavors can range from peach to grapefruit to melon.

Pinot grigio pairs well with light dishes that are still on the "thick" side, like chicken in a rich white sauce, or eggplant with heavy spices. Pinot grigio is a white wine, but it is able to hold its own against richer flavors. It should be served at 48F.

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