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Welcome to the forums! At WineIntro we feel that wine should not be complicated or snobby. Wine is a fun experience that all can learn about and share their thoughts on. Feel free to ask any question you wish, and we will share our ideas! This forum is the community associated with the website.
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Cocktails, Sangrias, Mixed Drinks (1 viewing)
Are you a fan of Champagne Cocktails? They come in all colors of the rainbow. How about Sangria? This forum is the perfect place to share your love of mixed drinks! Be sure to enjoy my giant collection of Champagne Cocktail Recipes and Sangria Recipes!
182 313
red wine sangria
(Lisa Shea) - 09/27/16 09:30 PM
Events and Festivals (1 viewing)
Wine tasting events can be the perfect way to learn about wine in a casual environment. Sample 20 different New Zealand sauvignon blancs and see for yourself which you prefer.
40 88
Nantucket Wine Festival 20...
(Lisa Shea) - 03/29/17 06:31 PM
Food Pairings and Recipes (1 viewing)
What type of wine goes best with a filet mignon? If you have a bottle of viognier ready to drink, what meal should you create to complement it? We can help you with all your pairing questions.
78 564
red wine with my salad
(Lisa Shea) - 04/03/17 05:58 PM
Glassware and Serving (2 viewing)
At what temperature should a white wine be served? How about a red wine? What glassware best brings out the wine's flavors? How should a waiter properly serve your wine? Learn more about glassware and serving!
24 159
Re: Do I really need a spe...
(Lisa Shea) - 11/25/14 07:23 PM
Health and Allergies
Many people are balancing wine with dieting. Learn more about the carbs and calories in wine. Which wine has the most antioxidants? Get help with sulfites, tannins, and other allergies.
17 140
Women Drinking while Pregn...
(Lisa Shea) - 09/24/15 04:19 PM
Reviews and Tastings (3 viewing)
Every taste bud is different. How do yours register wine? Was the wine more like roses or plums? Did you taste tannins or leather? Share your wine tasting notes here and learn from your fellow wine drinkers.
545 1508
2005 Chateau de la Riviere...
(Lisa Shea) - 01/27/17 05:27 PM
Storage, Aging, Cellars (1 viewing)
When you want to store a wine for several years, what is the best way to do it? What temperature should the wine be kept at? Do wine fridges damage wine? Which wines age the longest?
23 194
Re: ruining wine
(Lisa Shea) - 10/26/16 02:46 PM
Travel Photos
Share your photos from your wine related travels! From winery vistas to grape images, from the restaurant's beautiful presentation to the swirling glass of that high end Bordeaux, we enjoy them all.
23 32
(Lisa Shea) - 09/27/16 09:22 PM
Winery Visits (2 viewing)
It is great fun to visit a winery. You can see the actual vines that produced the wine grapes. Often you can tour the winery production area and learn the process. If you're lucky you can even talk with the winemakers!
73 272
Winery Plethora
(Lisa Shea) - 09/27/16 09:19 PM
Winemaking (1 viewing)
Making your own wine is not only very rewarding but can save you a LOT of money. Let us help you make wine from your back yard berries and fruits! You can even buy grape vines.
24 181
Re: Winemaking is Death Pe...
(Lisa Shea) - 10/26/16 02:45 PM
Wine Chit Chat (4 viewing)
Corks vs Screwcaps - where do you stand? Learn how to make cork trivets! Share wine movie trivia and participate in our wine conversation, to expand your wine knowledge.
342 1634
Re: Founding Fathers and D...
(PeterLewicke) - 01/06/17 01:43 PM
Off-Topic for Wine-Lovers (1 viewing)
We all share interests that are outside the world of wine. Talk about the latest movies, books you've read, hobbies you enjoy.
138 570
Copper Age Flood Book Seri...
(Lisa Shea) - 03/29/17 06:32 PM
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red wine with my salad
by Lisa Shea
04/03/17 05:58 PM
Copper Age Flood Book Series
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03/29/17 06:32 PM
Nantucket Wine Festival 2017
by Lisa Shea
03/29/17 06:31 PM
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