Drinking before Noon

Posted By: Lisa Shea

Drinking before Noon - 11/23/09 04:08 PM

I woke up really early, so I'm having lunch really early (11am) - and now I can't have wine with it because it's before noon! Argh!

Do you follow any rules about drinking before noon?
Posted By: zinbythesea

Re: Drinking before Noon - 11/23/09 05:01 PM

Enjoy your wine with your lunch, forget the rules! smile

I love to sit on my sunny patio and watch the boats sail by with a glass of wine, quite often before noon.

And I love your forum and site, btw!
Posted By: Brom

Re: Drinking before Noon - 11/23/09 05:40 PM

Since the clock is essentially an arbitrary human construct and a month ago 11:00 am was actually 12:00pm (in all jurisdictions except ... Arizona is it?), I can't see paying all that much attention to it.

The fact that yesterday I had a glass of Cotes du Rhone blanc with some pine nut hummous at 11:00 has nothing to do with it.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Drinking before Noon - 11/24/09 09:15 PM

Greetings zinByTheSea, it's great to hear from you! What type of wine do you enjoy for boat-watching?

I have to admit that I gave in and poured myself a glass of white wine. I just couldn't stand the taste of the meal with water, and we didn't have anything else in the house smile

I suppose it would be like eating oreos with water, it just doesn't go well sometimes smile
Posted By: Neil G.B.

Re: Drinking before Noon - 02/11/10 05:34 PM

Greetings to all, one of the wine tasting groups we attend meets at 10.00 am, know it seems a strange time, our instructor has informed us, best time of the day to sample new wines, is early morning ones senses are at the best, we fully endorse this as we do seem to have learnt a lot in the short time doing the class.

Will quickly say, only doing tastings early to learn, honest!!!!,

Thank you for the kind welcome.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Drinking before Noon - 02/13/10 05:55 AM

Hey there Neil! Yes that's very true, when I go to wine festivals they very often have seminars in the morning hours, and definitely the tongue is nice and fresh then smile
Posted By: jilly

Re: Drinking before Noon - 02/14/10 05:47 AM

I think it's not what time it is, so much as whether something is overkill. For example, reaching for a wine each morning instead of coffee, every day, could be seen as a problem.

But then, coffee is also addictive, so maybe this isn't the best example. Maybe we are all addicts in some way. smile

But to have a morning Mimosa, Champagne, Sangria or Bloody Mary on a lovely Sunday, or during any lazy day of relaxation, is a wonderful luxury.

Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Drinking before Noon - 02/14/10 09:32 AM

Yes many Sunday fancy breakfasts have an orange juice and Champagne drink as a delightful part of it!
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