Wine with Mexican Food

Posted By: Lisa Shea

Wine with Mexican Food - 04/21/09 05:45 AM

We went out for Mexican tonight and I had my favorite, a beef burrito with lots of extra sour cream. I had a Greg Norman Shiraz with it, which was a lovely combination! Greg Norman Shiraz is one of my 'comfort wines' - gentle, spicy, fun to drink.

What do you guys drink with Mexican food?
Posted By: charlene

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 04/22/09 10:59 PM

I love tacos. I tend to drink beer.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 04/23/09 12:25 AM

I know a lot of people who prefer beer to wine with Mexican, I agree it can go well!
Posted By: winelvr

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 04/24/09 09:39 PM

How about tequila?
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 04/26/09 05:04 AM

Tequila is certainly a drink associated with Mexico!

I did a search one time for Mexican wines and could not find any at all. They certainly exist, but they don't seem to export any wines up to the northern parts of the US. I imagine you can get them in Mexico though.
Posted By: Peter May

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 04/26/09 04:33 PM

Crikey, my local supermarket here in England has a Mexican wine, L A Cetto Petit Sirah and v. good it is too. And the Cetto Nebbiolo is stunning.

BTW I read on a blog in the past few days that M'Hudi Pinotage is available in Boston. M'Hudi is the winery featured in the third final programme of the recent Wine series, and on my blog at Unfortunately M'Hudi Pinotage is not in England (though their Savvy and Merlot are in M&S)
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 04/26/09 06:15 PM

Wow, how do you guys get these things!! Maybe your drinkers are more open to "new wines". In my wine shops it is 90% Californian and we're lucky to get bottles from France, Spain and Italy smile

Boston is a haul for me but I'll keep it in mind if I go out there for some reason!
Posted By: Peter May

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 04/27/09 07:45 PM

On the hand, Mexican restaurants are thin on the ground here ...*

*not that I mind, my experience of them in Texas led me to believe they are not for me.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 04/28/09 12:22 AM

That's interesting Peter, I had almost become convinced that the UK had far more international things (even from Mexico) than the US did! We have TONS of Mexican restaurants around here, I would say Mexican and Chinese restaurants are the two most popular "ethnic" restaurants.

I think you have a ton of Indian restaurants though right? I have to drive a ways to get to one. I adore Indian food too.
Posted By: Peter May

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 04/28/09 09:37 AM

Thousands and thousands of Indian restaurants, but few Mex. Pubs and other eating places have the odd Mexican style dish such as fajitas and I recently discovered that the Chiquito chain is operating here in the UK, my sone went to one with his mates last week.

Not sure how authentic it is, has stuff I didn't see in the US Mex places, such as steak sandwich in ciabiatta.

Menu is viewable at
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 05/02/09 09:19 PM

There is always an argument here in the US whether a given Mexican restaurant is really "Authentic Mexican" or "Tex-Mex" or "American Mexican". Tex-Mex is sort of a fusion between southern American (from Texas) and Mexican food. There are people who prefer each type of cuisine. But I imagine it's exactly the same with Indian food - there isn't one type of Indian food. There are hundreds of little sub-varieties and what you get at one restaurant is just a portion of what you would find if you motorcycled across the entire continent of India.

Still, we do have tons of Mexican restaurants all over the place, it is very common. In Massachusetts we have a high population of Brazilian people so we also have a lot of Brazilian restaurants, which my dad loves. He spent his teen years in Brazil because his father worked with IBM. So we've been to several Brazilian restaurants and loved them. When we went to the Netherlands we even found a Brazilian restaurant and ate there. That seemed silly to me, to travel to the Netherlands and then eat Brazilian food smile But there you have it!
Posted By: charlene

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 05/07/09 01:57 AM

I suppose I like American Mexican, mostly tacos.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 05/08/09 03:42 AM

American Mexican is definitely very popular in the US! In a way it "gentles" the Mexican flavor so that it goes easy on US tongues which are often not used to super hot spices. I don't mean that in a bad way. Different tongues are comfortable with different spice levels and it's good to have foods for all of us to eat smile
Posted By: Arox2010

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 02/12/10 04:19 PM

I know you are talking about Mexican wines and food. But on the general topic of wine diversity my mother drinks Portuguese and Italian wines mostly because of the proof. but she gets them at Total Wine.
I am with you Lisa i mostly see California wines in the states.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 02/13/10 06:39 AM

Arox2010 - that's an interesting statement - what do you mean "because of the proof"? Portuguese and Italian wines tend to be in the same proof range as wines from other parts of the world. Is it that she feels they are lower proof - or that they are higher proof?
Posted By: jilly

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 02/14/10 05:54 AM

Growing up in New York we had 'mexican food' places, but when i moved to the Southwest and So Cal I learned that they were American Mexican places back on the east coast. I really decided I loved Mexican food when I moved to states on the actual Mexican border.

Then I started traveling in Mexico and learned that even border towns in the US can't quite capture the freshness of Mexican Food in Mexico.

I suppose it's like anything else. The closer you get in distance to something the more authentic it gets. Guinness beer in the UK, for example, is FAR superior to the Guinness they export. smile
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 02/14/10 09:32 AM

It is definitely true that food tastes delicious when you eat it made by natives in their native lands! It's high encouragement to travel all over the world and experience a variety of foods!
Posted By: rahnjoseph

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 12/07/10 11:14 AM

As i m great fond of australian shiraz i would like to have it with taco and a lots of sour cream. that's a real taste booster combination.
Posted By: Mangum

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 10/08/11 08:29 AM

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Posted By: CarolD

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 10/08/11 06:32 PM

Southern California is dominated by Mexican eateries and the school of thought is generally anything that is a chain restaurant is more "American Mexican" or "Tex Mex" and the independent mom and pop shops or taquerias are typically authentic Mexican fare.

Re: Wine with Mexican food...

Is a Rioja or a dry crisp Cava too obvious a choice to pair with various Mexican dishes?

For me, a spicy Mexican dish would pair well with a nice dry riesling. If I were to pair with a red I would consider Malbec or Syrah depending on the dish.
Posted By: RicaStewart

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 08/30/13 01:12 PM

I really love spicy foods especially when you partner it with delicious wine like Greg Norman Shiraz. I'm pretty sure you will enjoy this combination.
Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 08/30/13 09:54 PM

Rica -

I'm a fan of Greg Norman - it's good for the price. I do in general enjoy shiraz with spicy food. For me that's a good combination.
Posted By: joe the wine oh

Re: Wine with Mexican Food - 09/05/13 01:40 AM

Good choice , have you tried a bottle of NV 667 pinot noir with spicy foods also a good pairing
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