Arkansas Wine Shipping Laws

Arkansas is very hot to be making wine. Even so, a few wineries are making a variety of wines with grape vines that can stand the heat!

Arkansas has gone up and down. In 2005 Arkansas passed a law to allow local Arkansas wineries to ship directly to consumers. However it banned outside wineries from doing the same thing. The US Supreme Court ruled that an unconstitutional situation. So the poor wine drinkers then were dealt a blow - Arkansas instead of making all shipments legal decided to make NO shipments legal.

So even as of 2009, if you live in Arkansas you cannot have ANY wine shipped in to you. Period. Checking the websites of the Arksansas wineries, each one says that shipping is pretty much impossible. If you live in Arksansas, lobby to get this changed!

Let me know if you have any fresh information about Arkansas wine shipping laws! If you have recently had wine shipped in to you here, please let me know how smoothly the experience went. Often the laws say one thing, but FedEx and UPS say another!

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