Connecticut Wine Shipping Laws

Sharpe Hill Winery
Sharpe Hill Winery
Connecticut has only been making wines since the 1980s. It already has over 10 wineries and many are making world class wine. It's not a big surprise - their climate is perfect for wine growing, and they are right next to New York, where the Long Island wine region has received great acclaim.

I've been to pretty much every winery in Connecticut and most create very delicious wines. Especially in foliage season, this is the perfect place to go for a weekend and explore the winery oferings.

I have several relatives who live in Connecticut so I actively follow the wine shipping law status there. Not only that, but where I live in Massachusetts has really nasty shipping laws so most carriers won't ship in to me in Massachusetts. It means my relatives will order wine, it gets shipped to them, and then I can drive into Connecticut to try the wines there. So I've actively had orders instigated for me.

As of late 2005 Connecticut created a situation where wineries in or outside the state could ship up to 5 cases of wine to an individual within 2 months.

Three towns are "dry" and do not allow alcohol shipments - Bridgewater, Eastford and Roxbury.

I have personally tested these laws and have had wineries ship wine to CT without any issue.

Let me know if you have any fresh information about Connecticut wine shipping laws! If you have recently had wine shipped in to you here, please let me know how smoothly the experience went. Often the laws say one thing, but FedEx and UPS say another!

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