Oregon Wine Shipping Laws

Oregon has a gorgeous climate for grape growing. The Willamette Valley (pronounced Wih-LAHM-mette, not WILliamette) is world known for its fine pinot noir, said by many to be as good as those from Burgundy. The lower land of the valley is silt filled and not great for grapes - instead, it grows grass seed and 99% of all hazelnuts (filberts) found in the US. Instead, the grapes grow up the slopes of the two sides of the valley, and are in fact categorized by their altitude.

Oregon as of 2008 allows wineries to direct ship up to 2 cases a month directly to a resident. Hurrah! Oregon doesn't have a wine sales tax either, so people in Oregon who love wine are doubly blessed!

Let me know if you have any fresh information about Oregon wine shipping laws! If you have recently had wine shipped in to you here, please let me know how smoothly the experience went. Often the laws say one thing, but FedEx and UPS say another!

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