South Dakota Wine Shipping Laws

South Dakota is very cold to be making wine. Does anybody know of any wineries in South Dakota?

South Dakota is one of the states that has actively PREVENTED consumers from enjoying wines they like from outside of South Dakota (which, let's be honest, is over 99% of the wines). It is completely illegal to ship wine into South Dakota. Not only that, but if you are hand carrying wine into the state, you can only bring in 1 gallon. So even if you go visiting Champagne, you can't bring wine back with you in any meaningful quantity to enjoy later.

If you live in South Dakota, write your rep to get these laws changed!

Let me know if you have any fresh information about South Dakota wine shipping laws! If you have recently had wine shipped in to you here, please let me know how smoothly the experience went. Often the laws say one thing, but FedEx and UPS say another!

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