International Wine Shipping

It's a bit of a disconnect for many wine lovers. We can email photos around the world in a second. We can watch movies from a foreign country on demand. We can mail books, DVDs and packages to our friends overnight no matter where they live. However, the moment a drop of ALCOHOL goes into a box, suddenly draconian laws appear and it becomes very difficult.

Welcome to the world of alcohol and wine. Many countries have incredibly strict laws on alcohol going in and out of their country because, let's be honest, they can make a lot of money by doing this. The countries can impose huge taxes and tarrifs to make "free money" that most people never even realize are happening. The only time a consumer knows this is going on is if they try to send wine to a friend, or to themselves while they are out on holiday.

The short answer is that you can never just "send" alcohol in a package. It is going to require extra paperwork. Never mind that the government wants to tax it - this is a highly flammable substance you're sending through the mail. The postal service wants to know that they are in essence handling a bomb that is going through the mail service. If this catches fire, it could be bad.

As of March 2009 FedEx ONLY ships alcohol to these countries, and only with detailed forms filled out: Australia Austria Belgium Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Finland France Germany Greece Hong Kong Hungary Italy Japan Liechtenstein Luxembourg Macau Malta Monaco New Zealand Philippines Portugal Romania Singapore Slovenia Slovakia South Africa Switzerland The Netherlands Thailand United Kingdom

FedEx Alcohol Shipment Page

Please let me know if you are aware of a carrier that ships to another location not listed!

United States Wine Shipping Status

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