Texas Wine Shipping Laws

When you think of wine, you might not think of Texas. But actually, Texas gets a ton of sun, and with proper irrigation can provide the ideal growing climate for many grapes. Texas once swore to surpass California in vines before the year 2000. They missed that goal, but they are adding new wineries each year!

According to the Texas State Website, adult consumers in Texas can now ship wines in from in-state and out-of-state wineries. A given winery can only deliver up to 3 gallons of wine to a given person in 30 days.

It must of course be delivered to someone age 21 or over.

Let me know if you have any fresh information about Texas wine shipping laws! If you have recently had wine shipped in to you here, please let me know how smoothly the experience went. Often the laws say one thing, but FedEx and UPS say another!

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