Serving Wine at the Right Temperature
The Results

We were very pleased with the results of both the red and the white tasting. These weren't subtle, esoteric results that only the ultimate in wine tasters could discover. These were bold, in-your-face, obvious results. The wines that were too warm were incredibly alcoholy tasting. A wine drinker that tried one of these might think that the wine was bad, or that they didn't like wine. Really, the wine might be great at a regular temperature.

The same was true for wines that were served too cold. Suddenly they were flavorless and unpleasant.

It's extremely easy to imagine that many people out there in the wine-drinking world just THINK they don't like wine, or don't like certain types of wine, when really it's that they've never had a good wine served properly. It would be like thinking you hated ice cream when the only ice cream you'd had was a molten goo found outside on a hot summer day, after baking for a few hours.

So I highly encourage wine drinkers out there to start serving your wines at a good temperature! Introduce those wines to your friends. Comment in the restaurant when your red comes to you hot, or your white comes to you fresh from the fridge. It's not only your own enjoyment that's being affected, but countless other wine drinkers that come after you. Think of all of the new wine drinkers that figure, incorrectly, that they don't like wine after giving some a try there!

Stage 1: Choosing the Wines
Stage 2: Determining the Temperatures
Stage 3: Tasting the White Wine
Stage 4: Tasting the Red Wine
Stage 5: The Results

Wine Serving Temperature Guidelines

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