Sangria Recipes

Moscato Sangria

Wow it is absolutely brutally hot and humid here in Massachusetts – where is this weather coming from?? I made a sangria from Botabox box-wine Moscato in the fridge plus frozen strawberries and frozen bananas plus some melon liqueur for good measure. I’m celebrating – my spooky short story set in Sutton Massachusetts was just

Sangria Recipes

peach sangria with white wine and rum

Hurrah, my latest medieval novel is now over 30,000 words! I’m making progress on it! I’ve been technically working on it since October 2016 so it’s great to see it coming along. I’m having peach sangria with white wine and rum to celebrate. What are you guys drinking tonight? Do you have anything to celebrate?

Sangria Recipes

Sangria with Glenfiddich Scottish whisky

I’m celebrating! I finally finished book 10 in my Wyoming series featuring a Native American heroine and her sister. Woo hoo! What are you guys drinking tonight? I’ve got some Sangria with Glenfiddich Scottish whisky – tasty!! 🙂 Here’s book 1 for free if you haven’t tried the series yet!

Sangria Recipes

Sangria – Chardonnay and Bacardi

Wow it is 1:30am and I am finally getting a moment to have a glass of wine! Sangria, actually, with a strawberry-mango-blueberry mix, Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay, and Bacardi rum – the Puerto Rico rum. My stepmother lived in Puerto Rico for many years and the heroine of my mystery series is from Puerto Rico. It

Sangria Recipes

white wine sangria

Time to switch things up! A little white wine sangria! I just used this bottle to demonstrate how to open a screwcap for a YouTube video :). Have to include all types of openings in the video library! How often do you use screwcap bottles? Let me note that the fruit mix in this was

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wing / lever style corkscrew

Someone mentioned they like using the wing / lever style corkscrew. I made a video of it here. It’s certainly better than the travel-type, but not as good as a Rabbit. This also shows the technique of using the corkscrew worm’s tip to carve open the foil capsule. What type of corkscrew do you use?

Sangria Recipes

Ice Sphere in Sangria

I’m drinking a tequila with red wine and cranberry sangria with a solid ice sphere in it! I love ice spheres. They are just so neat. That’s my actual drink I’m drinking, that you see in the video. What are you drinking tonight?