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wine clubs

I’m updating my page on wine clubs. Do any of you use a wine club where you get bottles of wine sent to you monthly? How do you like the one you’re using?

Wine Reviews

1780 Vintage Georgian Wine Glass

I’m finishing off a glass of Cabernet. I put my glass next to a vintage glass I have from 1780 – look how tiny the Georgian red one is! Were those Jane Austen people drinking tiny thimble-fuls at a time?? 🙂 What are you guys drinking tonight?

Wine Reviews

Beaujolais Wine from France

Beaujolais wine – gamay grapes from France – they’re light, fruity, and fun! Perfect for springtime. Have you tried a Beaujolais recently? Which one? What did you think?

Sangria Recipes

Fun Sangria Quiz

It’s Wine Wednesday! It’s the perfect time to enjoy this fun quiz to test your sangria knowledge! Just how much do you know about the fruity concoction from Spain? See if it’s a million dollars worth! Who Wants to Be a Sangria Expert?

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United States Wine Blue Laws

I’m updating my pages on the wine blue laws in the US. Blue laws are laws dating back to the puritan days which, amongst other things, restrict wine sales. I’m in Massachusetts which used to have quite restrictive laws. We’re better now. Thank goodness! Used to be, if I wanted wine on a Sunday, I’d

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Armagnac is a delicious brandy which is made about 100 miles south of Cognac, France. The Three Musketeers would have loved armagnac! Have you ever tried any? Armagnac Wine Information

Wine Reviews

Asti Spumanti

Asti Spumanti – light, bubbly, from Italy, and usually far less expensive than Champagne. Have you tried Asti? What do you think? I love it for mixing up colorful cocktails! Asti Spumanti Information