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Wine Types

Many casual restaurants will simply list three types of wine on their menu – house red, house white, and house pink. That’s a fine way to begin, but it’s also fun to stretch and explore the delicious world of wines! Some wines are incredibly sweet and taste like peaches. Others are quite spicy and taste

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Wine and Food Pairings

Some people treasure delicate spices in their food. Others want enough hot sauce that their eyes are running tears when they take a bite. That’s ok! We are all quite different from each other and that’s what makes our world so wonderfully diverse. Pairing wine with food is exactly the same thing. Some people adore

Sangria Recipes

Malbec Sangria with Raspberry Liqueur

A long day but I’m getting lots done! I finally switched out the snowflake window decor in the BVAA Uxbridge art gallery for butterflies and it’s nearly May! That shows how behind I am :). Enjoying some malbec sangria with raspberry liqueur and frozen peaches. Tasty. What are you guys drinking tonight?

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Pineapple and Bacon Pizza

My dad likes pineapple and bacon pizza. Yes, you heard me right. I’m having one of his leftover slices. An interesting flavor combination! Goes well with malbec wine. What are you guys drinking tonight? Does it go well with pineapple and bacon? 🙂

Sangria Recipes

Malbec Red Wine Sangria

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m busy upgrading my websites from http to https to make them secure. I definitely need some sangria after all day long of this! I’m having a malbec red wine sangria with melon liqueur and peaches. What are you drinking tonight? Anything tasty?

Sangria Recipes

White Wine Sangria with Peaches

My two black kittens just destroyed the plants in my dining room twice in three hours. The three hours was what it took me to clean up from the first assault. They then instantly destroyed what was left despite the walls and blocks I put up. I am now having a white wine sangria with

Champagne Cocktails

bubbly sangria with Grand Marnier

I’m enjoying a glass of bubbly sangria with Grand Marnier and tropical fruit to celebrate. I have another happy client for my mediation articles! I love writing about mindfulness. What are you grateful for today? What are you drinking? Visit me at 🙂

News and Events

wine clubs

I’m updating my page on wine clubs. Do any of you use a wine club where you get bottles of wine sent to you monthly? How do you like the one you’re using?