Green Champagne Cocktail Recipes List

Green is the traditional color of healing - it represents living things growing healthily and with strength. It is the color of harmony and finding balance. Green is the color of luck and wealth. It is of course the modern color for St. Patrick's Day! It is the color of grassy meadows and lush forests.

In Champagne Cocktails, Green is usually created by Midori, a melon flavored cocktail mixer I simply adore. I highly recommend keeping Midori in your bar! Creme de Menthe also comes in a nice green.

Green Champagne Cocktail Recipe

Recipe TitleColor
Arise My Love Irish Recipegreen
Caribbean Dragon Recipegreen
Champagne Emerald Gem Recipegreen
Cucumber Recipegreen
Cucumber Melon Recipegreen
Gold and Green Recipegreen
Green Dragon Recipegreen
Irish Geisha Recipegreen
Irish Samurai Recipegreen
Irish Sweetheart Recipegreen
Irish Weekend Recipegreen
Japanese Typhoon Recipegreen
Midori Mimosa Recipegreen
Minty Irishman Recipegreen
Minty Pear Irishman Recipegreen
Ritz Fizz Recipegreen
Saint Patrick's Day Recipegreen

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