you just make believe eating it yourself...usually BUT NOT NOW LOL id say remove early in morning seed and place MIX of several colorful veggies into a small crock bowl and place it on the bottom on n on wont go there any more now ill just say DONT remove the seeds but DO place a nice garden mix like...some corn ..some orzo ..some bell peppers...and steamed sweet potatoe ***without the skin ...and bean sprouts...allll in one and OFFER IT EVERY DAY first thing in morning in a bowl at bottom of cage and try it all with a pinch of seed on top ...take it out late afternoon and discard repeat each day...maybe alternate corn with some carrot and also some kale..when you can dandelion leaves all in SMALL beak size pieces...cilantro too...all good things smile and dont forget the PETAMINE..

it took cappy and im sure giggle some folks tired of hearing 8 months before he would try ANYTHING after that and NOW omg...

YOU MAY also find hulless HEMP i always mess up with those a local store but ebay does sell the ORGANIC ALWAYS ORGANIC. laugh

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