First off I think with all the stories in here we should start a book!haha.Anyways cleaned the cage for the Tweedles today and what an adventure.
1st.I learned that Dee is more used to hands than Dum.But because theyve been a "couple" so long apparently that if you go to get Dum out of the cage first Dee will mount a full fledged attack on any exposed part of your hand or arm.(ended up having to wrap a blanket around my entire arm and getting him into the travel cage so I could get her.)Once dee was in the cage Dum wasnt to hard to catch she stayed on the side of the cage in which the travel cage with a very mad Dee was on so I simply had to drape the cloth over her and gently remove her.
2.Washed the cage and toys just fine set it up with very mean glances from Dee's direction aimed towards me why Dum groomed his head.(You dont touch his woman without permission haha)
3.Ok so cage is all ready for them to go into.I made sure to get Dee first.Once again I got nipped at through the towel I had him in and got the evil eye once he was in the cage.He ended up on the side of the cage why I got Dum.Once back in the cage with Dee everything was happy again.They went straight to the top on their high perch and started preening and kissing.
Needless to say I will be finding a better way to remove them from the cage when it comes time to clean their house haha.One that is less stressful for them and less painful for me.

Dee(blue)and Dum(yellow) giving me the "get-a-away momma" look

Tweedle Twins newly arranged home!