Hi this is my first post here, like many, i came here hoping for some advise with our new friend Stampy. My daughter named him. Anyway, we got Stampy on feb 4 this year from petsmart.

At first i felt confidant we were doing well with him. We have him in a good sized cage, toys and treats, mineral block, and cuttle bone. First problem, no matter how much we try, he will only eat those things, no banana, strawberry, romaine lettuces, spinach, apple, nothing.
Second is the biting, he bites not from fear, but territorial. This started right after two things, one - stepping up to our finger, and two - finding his mirror. He will not let us touch him. But at first he did, stretching his neck a few times for more attention. Then it stopped. He will step up just to bite. He does NOT draw blood, but he tries. We tried pretending like it didn't bother us, when that didn't work, we tried putting our face closer saying no Stampy and closing the door. When that didnt work, and he is getting more aggressive, we tried to go slower leaving him be and stopping our attention the moment he would bite. I also removed the mirror today. If I have food he will come to my hand, if no food, he may still step up if i ask, sometimes while biting, but if i try any contact even just my thumb of the hand he is perched on, he will bite like if hes trying to stand his ground.

Now petsmart already had his wings clipped, and he can not fly, goes straight down, we have a huge open ball with perches that we hoped he would be using by now. As it stands he wants no part of being out of his cage, and with his wings, i feel he would hurt himself.

Lastly we play bird sounds all day, it seemed to soothe him when we first got him. But now I wonder if its part of the problem. We put his blanket over his cage same time at night and take it off same time in the morning. He is in a quiet room, my daughters bed room. when she comes home, she does her homework in there and plays music and sings to him. I go in during the day a few times, and we clean the cage every two day. Sorry for such a long first post, but im really hoping someone will be kind enough to read it and help us understand Stampy better. Thanks in advance. Ann