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free will

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free will - 03/04/17 04:26 AM

Question for a story I'm writing. God knows everything. He knows all outcomes. So say he causes a child to be born in a poverty-stricken inner city family with no father and a drug-addicted mother. That child turns to a gang as his only protection and has a beloved mentor. That mentor tries to steer him right but when the child is 14 the mentor is shot down in a drive-by. The child in agony shoots the killer but is, himself, killed before he can repent. Does that child go to eternal Hell? If God knew this was going to happen, and knew given the situation that this was the set-in-stone outcome, did the child have free will?

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Re: free will - 01/20/18 04:24 AM

Hi Lisa. I'm new. Religious study absorbs me; I don't own a parakeet, lol.

I see this post is oldish now, and you've probably already written your story, but just wanted to point out that if your plot synopsis is as stated your question about free will is moot. You've answered it yourself.

As for the boy going to eternal hell, the question of maintaining a physical body capable of the bodily suffering in such a location is a very big one. Dust to dust has to go right out the window if one believes in hell.
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Re: free will - 01/24/18 03:03 AM

I don't know that a God knowing what the outcome is going to be and a person having free will are mutually exclusive. If I see a toddler gazing with big eyes at a candy jar, I can pretty much know he's going to try to get it. My knowledge of human nature is separate from the toddler's ability to choose or not choose that action. It's just that God is better at forecasting than I am smile.

I think most religious people don't think of Hell as physical torment - they see it as spiritual torment. It's just represented physically in art because it's hard to paint spiritual pain smile.
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Re: free will - 01/28/18 02:59 AM

Originally Posted by Lisa Shea
I don't know that a God knowing what the outcome is going to be and a person having free will are mutually exclusive.

I'm not sure that I understand what this sentence is saying, exactly.

What would constitute spiritual torment in Hell? All spiritual torment while alive is predicated upon having a human body and experiencing life's torments through it. Physical, mental and emotional torment require a living physical body.
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Re: free will - 01/28/18 11:39 PM

If you don't understand my response, then explain in more detail why you feel free will is or is not involved.

I wholeheartedly disagree about spiritual torment. For the vast majority of religions, Hell is not a physical location in our known geometry. It is about the soul in an entirely different plane of existence. Just as Heaven is not "up" from us and Hell is not "down" from us.
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