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levitation photo challenge

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levitation photo challenge - 02/12/18 12:14 AM

Thank you to Jennifer Waller Mottram for both taking this photo in the first place and then tracking it down for me tonight when I wanted to use it as an example :). The upcoming photography challenge for this week is a levitation photo challenge - how can you make an image seem like it has levitation in it? Without PhotoShop? It's a fun challenge! Join me!

In the one below I used a trick of perspective to make it seem as if I was holding up the tower. How could similar techniques be used to make it seem as if something was levitating?

Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: levitation photo challenge - 02/19/18 02:56 AM

The challenge for this week (ending Feb 18 2018) was a Levitation photography challenge - here's my entry. Did you submit anything?

I wanted to do something trickier with me sitting on a 'floating' meditation cushion but I ran out of time. There's only 24 hours in a day!

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