I normally don't have nightmares - normally they're epic thriller types of dreams with convoluted storylines. But last night I had a nightmare that woke me up at 4am, after only 4 hours of sleep. It was pretty powerful. I was being held hostage in a house by a threatening man. There was another man and woman he was bringing in to also be held hostage.

I couldn't understand why the other two were just meekly going along with this - after all, we now outnumbered him and he only had a knife. Surely we could all overpower him.

I charged the guy, then raced out a window to get help for us. A main road was just a little ways up a slope. The other two were yelling at me for ruining everything and causing trouble.

I was so upset when I woke up that I "finished off the story" and had me come down with police to arrest the bad guy and rescue those two.

I wonder where that came from.

Do you guys have scary dreams?

Lisa Shea, Owner