In ebullient, effusive minds where feelings pulse like tides in time
And harmony's a merry dance, a way or smile and parting glance
It was in such engrossing years, when little things do so endear
That quite by chance or maybe so, I meat a girl I did not know

We bumped, my terse apology, her gracious sensitivity
I deemed her clearly mad to be, in rain, conversing with a tree
Professor of world classics she, instructor of young teachers to be
A hopeless romantic I liked to say, though grounded honesty was her way

Research an analyse was my affair, objective questions came to bear
I asked her if she'd take a dare, her deepest secret would she share?
She said: "I will not bare my soul! How can you be so open though?"
She said her kin were Bulgar hordes with ancient Tartar with ancient Tartar Muslim chords

I said: "Your armour has a crack." "Tell me where!" she said, "and quick a patch!"
So laughter lightly tumbled down the heart-wall life had built around
And in the silence in between, her emerald eyes so soft, serene
With faint caress, then searing touch, magenta lips breathed whispered trust

Two worlds converged, soul's embers surged, spiraling dimensions merged
In swirling, whirling, mixing minds, a vibrant light emerged to shine
It sparkled in the elements and lit a blaze of heart's content
As glowing feelings shared afford, in nature lies our true accord

She said she feared her heart was black, Hell's knife she felt deep in her back
Her poems were of the fairest seeds, I said: "Your heart is pure indeed."
And now we share on level ground, she shares her art and lovely sounds

And when out time to part was set, she shared a secret I shan't forget:
"You say the Arts are not your style, and yet you've shown me all the while
That even though you do not know it, Dearest Herbert you have the soul of a poet"

And now I see what she has done, that gentle web that she has spun
Courageous, vulnerable earthly daughter, warrior of love, in dreams she walks on water
Benevolent magic was her true fair, you can take your science and stick it there
She's made a man who walks on air.


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