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Happy Spring Equinox! #430496
03/20/16 08:48 AM
03/20/16 08:48 AM
Joined: Oct 2004
Posts: 8,909
Lisa Shea Online content OP

True Blue Soulmate
Lisa Shea  Online Content OP

True Blue Soulmate
Joined: Oct 2004
Posts: 8,909
Happy Spring Equinox!

FREE! The Mused Literary Review Spring Equinox issue is live! Mused has an international selection of artwork, short stories, poetry, true tales, and more! Warm thanks to all the contributing artists and authors! Please share the news, and happy Spring Equinox!

Lisa Shea, Owner
Re: Happy Spring Equinox! [Re: Lisa Shea] #430500
03/21/16 05:14 PM
03/21/16 05:14 PM
Joined: Mar 2016
Posts: 1
opqrst033330 Offline
New Member
opqrst033330  Offline
New Member
Joined: Mar 2016
Posts: 1
Flower Pots Tea Lights Heater
Don quote other peoples research at me build it your self and test it for your self,michael kors uk outlet Obese . I didn belive it would heat a room either so tried it out.
I only said it took the chill off a bathroom and suggested it could keep the frost out of a green house over night with longer burning candles, low power electric heaters are sold for exactly this. And I come across many 1/4 or 1/2 wicked paraffin heaters that used to be used the same way, many used exactly the same burners as the paraffin road work marker lights. Indeed had my gandfather had acess to instructables he would have made one on converting such a lamp found with broken lenses by replacing the missing lenses with coco or treacle tin lids, to use as such.
Found a way to have a much more STABLE base for the unit. I used an old 10 inch cast iron frying pan instead of the bread pan or meatloaf pan. Then fitted an upside down 8 inch round metal basket inside the cast iron frying pan that raised the flower pots level slightly higher (approx of an inch) than the cast iron frying pan edge level to let oxygen to get to the flames. Cast iron frying pan handle also makes it easier to move the space heater,air max pas cher femme, {if necessary}, besides giving it a low circular heavy base that is NOT going to be tipped over!
To modify (compact) the source of heat, the next thing to do is to put the vegetable shortening in the empty 12 oz. tuna fish can and then put an old saucer in a frying pan that was half full of water. Once the water came to a boil, place the can of vegetable shortening on the saucer. As the vegetable shortening melts, vanilla extract or lemon extract is added to the solution; this gives the vegetable shortening candle a very nice aroma while it burns. Keep adding vegetable shortening and the flavor extract until the can is full to the brim.
Cooling the liquid back into a solid is best performed by either placing the can in the refrigerator and/or the freezer. After the solution becomes solid, push four (4) of the small birthday cake candles equidistant from each other into the matrix. The birthday cake candles supplies wicks that are better than any DIY homemade wicks.
By melting the vegetable shortening first,scarpe hogan outlet uomo, this REMOVES all of the air that the manufacturer places in the product during its production. This will help insure 5+ hours of burn time per oz. for each wick in the matrix.
Now there is one (1) fire unit,mbt milano, instead of four (4) separate fire units,michael kors uk, that should give the user 10+ hours of continuous burn time for their flower pot space heater!
The to good design of any device is to REDUCE the number of functioning parts down to the bare minimum!
If the user wants to stick more with the original design,louboutin pas cher homme, the user could also make a {lamp oil and/or cooking oil} candle out of an old 2.5 oz. baby food jar X 4 and use those instead of tea lights since the user can get about 5 hours of burn time for each ounce of fluid! This way the user can refill the fluid candle bottles as needed and there is a much less chance of the heater being knocked over.
Sorry but this thing can work as promised. I see you did not post any test results like room tempertature and such. I made a video about my test of this device taking note of temperatures and such.
Result: change in temperature room ZERO,hogan outlet roma. Still make a nice hand warmer. You might try your gloves or socks over it but still I would not advice to do this for security reasons,air max 90 outlet. In any case you cant do more than that,michael kors handbags.
The reason is simple. You got about 1BTU of heat for each candle you light. You measure the power of home heater by THOUSANDS of BTU,nike air max 95 outlet uk. Cant compete.
The video is here (sorry, Italian only)HAHAHAHA. very funny. so to speak.
My pots got hot too, 80 in 25 minutes and then,hogan sito ufficiale, very slowly,air max pas cher homme, a little over 100 But this means NOTHING. If you put a pot full of boiling water in a room, the heat of the water is not enough to heat the whole room, while a bathtub could. A spark from a ferro rod is over 10.000 does it heat a room? not at all. That because temperature alone means nothing.
Check again,polo ralph lauren sale outlet, time of the day,ghd lisseur soldes Colorado S, other possible heat sources like windows, the sun, someone getting a shower in those 3 ours.
Can go against math. But hey, if you really (faith is required here) this method,sac michael kors soldes, try relying on it this winter months and tell me about this experiment in spring. Nothing is better than a real test.
I agree my test was un scientific set up in coldest smallest room in house( 2mx2m approx or 6 approx NOTE the Approx and I know they are not exact conversions) with heating off and it is north facing after exausting one set of tea lights the room was noticably wamer. The pots were both too hot to handle sensibly with out protection and the roasting tray was about as hot as you would want to touch with bare hands. I have looked at the test you quote and note significant differences in the heater tested to the one I have shown it uses a single large candle jar as fuel, un shielded from draughts with a significant air gap between the top of the jar and the base of the clay pots which will result in significant heat loss,karen millen dress, the whole point of this design as I understand it is it captures as much of the very limited heat out put of a candle(s) as possible and radiates it into the room in a more efficeint way. I will also take issue with the 1BTU per candle heat out put as you are claiming to be more scientific given that I seen candles from 1/8 to a 45 gallon drum of fat with a 6 wick you can not make such a statement as all candles produce just 1BTU of heat ,mbt outlet online,not quite what you said but it appear you have little grasp of experimental variable.
You are right but only on a few points. My statement on BTUs was an approximation since usually 1 BTU is approximated to the heat produced by the flame of 1 burning match. That fire is about the same of the one of the tea candles used. My candle hat 3 wicks, so it about 75% of your head output. But my room was 1.5 sqm.
Still. even if the candles where candles capable of 10 BTU each,michael kors outlet online, or even candles of 100 BTU each your output would be 400 BTU max (magic included) and is FAR lower of any stove that ranges 8000 to 16000 BTU usually. Otherwise we should tell all those engineers that work at heating companies how dumb they are producing such inefficient systems.
Another version: in 1700/1800 scientists wrote about thermodynamics. They where able to produce steam engines and start the industrial revolution. Still they where so dumb to heat their houses with a fireplace or home stove! Does this make any sense? Not at all to me. Pots and candles have been around a few centuries now,canada goose italia, and we get to this only after sending a robot to Mars? Hmm.
Anyway,michael kors outlet, post me you video with some measurements,ralph lauren soldes, I be happy to look at it.
Thank you I appreciate your supporting statment I actually did thiscrude experiment to disprove the satment all candles only produce 1 BTU. I fully appreciate that 1 set of results is not scientificaly valid,outlet tiffany, I only did it to satisfy my self and I also noted that the tea lights don last as long when used in the heater as they do alone so whilst the total energy released must remain the same the power out put in terms of J/s for the shorter burn time must be higher. I also concluded that Emc wasn worth arguing with
Data taken from? I probably found the NIST article where you got your data from but it refers to regular candles, not tea type.
Never heard of 150w car heaters, may be 150W are enough in a car given the (hot) engine is running. Regular room heaters usually go by 1 KILO W to 2 KILO W,hogan outlet roma 15-4-19682, about ten times more. Convection does not up heat, it spreads around what you have available (hence it) .

Re: Happy Spring Equinox! [Re: Lisa Shea] #431813
01/09/18 12:17 PM
01/09/18 12:17 PM
Joined: Jan 2018
Posts: 11
lytong Offline
New Member
lytong  Offline
New Member
Joined: Jan 2018
Posts: 11
i cant believe that. that blew me away

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