Tonight's the deadline for the 52 Frames Blue challenge - get your photos in! This image is of a cyanotype I made with bicycle gears on 10x10 canvas. The cyanotype is one of the original forms of photography. To create a cyanotype, you mix up equal parts 8.1% potassium ferricyanide and 20% ferric ammonium citrate. This forms a light-reactive "paint". Here, I painted it on a canvas square. I laid bicycle gears onto it and let the sun expose it. Just like modern film, the surface reacts to light and shadow. I then rinsed off the chemicals to set the image. I made this cyanotype this week for this Blue-themed project. There's no way I could resist making cyanotypes for a theme of "blue" :). I love cyanotypes. I think we should do "blue" every week. I'm probably in the minority ... :).

Lisa Shea, Owner