On September 10th I recently got two new Parakeets/Budgies. I think they are both male, but anyway. So far they've just been sitting in the back of their cage on this one wooden perch. They haven't moved at all, except just moving along the perch.

Now I've been able to hand feed Gazer, my blue budgie, but Sprite, the green/yellow has barely eaten. I've place some food on the ground with water for them, and raised the other wooden perch from what I've read. I know it might take a few days for them to get used to this new home, but I'm nervous they might starve themselves. And the blue one still has stripes on his forehead, and the yellow/green doesn't exactly have any stripes but he's also young.

Do you guys have any tips? I'm also young so I've been doing my best to research and stuff. I love birds with a passion and this is my first time roasting birds. Anyway, thanks for paying attention <3