Marking Wine Glasses

I love Riedel glassware. If I have my favorite Chianti in a Chianti glass it definitely tastes much fuller, fruitier and tastier than in a water glass. Buying a Riedel glass is a one-time purchase which can then instantly improve the flavor of every single bottle of wine I buy in that type. For that reason, we have one or two glasses of each main wine flavor in our house. That is, we have a few pinot noir glasses, a few chardonnay glasses, a few Bordeaux glasses, and so on. We gathered them over time so that it didn't break the bank, and we started with our favorite varieties first.

This was a great theory - but once we got over say 10 glasses they all started to look alike. Many times it can be VERY confusing, looking on the shelf, which is which. I tried getting a Sharpie permanent magic marker and making little notes on the bottom of each glass as to what it was for. The Sharpie quickly washed off. I guess it's not really that permanent!

Along came an AWESOME solution! At a local craft store I spotted some glass etching cream, and reusable stencils. You just plunk the stencil down on the glass, paint on the cream, wait one minute, and wash it off with warm water. Voila! You're done!

The brand I used for both stencil and cream is Armour Products. First I washed the glass, and stuck the stencil on. It's just plastic so it "sticks" by static cling. Then with a regular small paintbrush I painted on the cream. I didn't even bother taping the rest of the glassware, it didn't seem necessary. here is a letter "B" for a Bordeaux glass.

Marking a wine glass

Here's a P for a Pinot Noir.

Marking a wine glass

After a minute goes by, you simply run the stem under running warm water. The cream washes away, the stencil comes off and you put it back into its storage sheet. Voila! The glass is now permanently etched with the letter of your choice!

You can do multiple letters, whatever appeals to you.

Marking a wine glass

Marking a wine glass

Just to show I'm an equal opportunity drinker, I do have Speigleau glassware too :)

Marking a wine glass

You can also use the etching stencils to mark glasses for parties, so that each glass has a different word or symbol on it. This is much easier than those wine charm things, and it's permanent!

It took maybe 15 minutes total to do all the glasses! I highly recommend this process to any wine lover.

Now I have a different problem. I have eight glasses "left over" and I have NO idea what they are for. They are all Riedel glasses, but they are all about 8 1/2" tall (with minor variations) and about the same shaped bowl. I am going to have to go page by page through the Riedel website comparing my glass shapes with their photos, and matching the height information. Unfortunately Riedel rounds their numbers to the nearest inch-part, which means I will have a challenge figuring out which glasses these are. Riedel should be marking their glasses in the first place!

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