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Cinco de Mayo is growing in popularity with each passing year. The '5th of May' celebrates the The Battle Of Puebla in 1862, where the Mexicans battled the French. At this time in history, Mexico was deeply in debt to several countries because of previous wars the country had fought. When Mexico stopped paying the money it owed to France, France decided it should annex this choice country.

General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin fought bravely to hold off the invaders, and with around 4,500 local troops he held off the overwhelming French forces. The French did go on to take over Mexico city, but the bravery of General Seguin is still remembered.

Unfortunately for modern day wine drinkers, it is nearly impossible to find any Mexican wines outside of Mexico! You'll need to expand your horizons a bit to keep in the mood of the holiday. One option is to go with a good Spanish wine - Rioja is one of my favorites. Rich and red, this goes wonderfully with steak and BBQ.

You can also go a bit further South of the Border, to Chile or Argentina. Both offer a wide selection of great wines at reasonable prices.

One of the best choices is to make up a Sangria Wine Punch! These punches are made with wine, fruits, and a variety of other ingredients. Check out our giant Sangria Recipe Listing to find the perfect one for your gathering!

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