Fathers Day - Holidays and Wine

Dad doesn't want another tie! Get him a great bottle or two of wine - and give him a tongue in cheek message along the way!

Fat Bastard
This wine comes in Shiraz, Chardonnay and Merlot, and all three are usually found under $10. At first the winemakers claimed the wine was named after a nearby hippo ... now the wine claims to be named after an 'Australian slang term'. Of course in Australia the bottle says it's an 'English slang term'. Regardless of its history, your dad will get the message!

Madeira is fortified wine from the island of Madeira, owned by Portugal. These wines were much loved in Colonial America, and the Father of the US, George Washington, was an enthusiastic fan. Show your dad that he's the leader of your world!

Ruffino Chianti
The incredible popularity of the Sopranos has solidified the image of a strong Italian male watching over his family with a mix of power-obsessed flair and tender love. While chianti no longer comes in a basket-bottle (except for bottles made expressly for the tourists), you can let your dad know he'll always be your family's Don.

Dads love to grill, although depending on the commercial you watch they are either skilled chefs or inept puppy-dogs more likely to set their hair on fire than to cook a burger. One of the perfect wines to go with grilling is Rioja, with its fresh, fruity red flavors.

King Arthur Mead
If your dad has a sweet tooth, here's the wine for him. Mead was the traditional drink of marriage, and in fact the term 'honeymoon' came from the practice of drinking mead for 30 days after a marriage.

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