Halloween - Holidays and Wine

Halloween is the perfect time to throw a party. Wine of course is the perfect party drink. Here are a variety of ways to incorporate wine into your Halloween party theme!

Cranberry-Orange Sangria
Sangria is a red wine punch that just about everybody loves, and using a cranberry-orange flavor will be great for any fall party. You can even throw in lighted ice cubes to give your Halloween sangria a spooky look!

Halloween Sangria
For a more creepy look, try out this halloween sangria recipe which includes peeled grapes. You can tell your guest that they are eyeballs!

Kid Friendly Halloween Sangria
For the youngsters in the group, this kid-friendly sangria recipe has no alcohol, and is still tasty and fun.

Bulls Blood Bull's Blood Wine
Hungary is well known its dark red wine, Egri Bikaver, or "Bull's Blood". The bottle on the right shows an example of a Bull's Blood wine bottle.

As the story goes, back in 1552 the Eger fortress was under attack, and the defenders were badly outnumbered. To fortify themselves and give themselves courage, they drank the local red wine in large amounts, and the wine spilled on them while they did so. When the attackers saw the men running towards them with red liquid all down their chests, they thought the locals had been drinking bull's blood, and they fled in terror.

Vampire Wine
A bit harder to get your hands on, but if you can track down Vampire Wine, this is the perfect table decoration for your party! They even have a TrueBlood wine along with their Dracula Syrah and other options. Check with your local wine shop to see if they can bring some in for you!

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