Independence Day - July 4th - Holidays and Wine

Every July Fourth, the United States of America celebrates its day of Independence. This is a perfect time to enjoy the thousands of incredibly great wines produced here in the USA - from sea to shining sea!

New England
In the states where it all began, fine wines are lovingly created. For a toast, there's Westport Rivers, a sparkling winery whose fine wines have graced the White House table and won numerous awards worldwide. Long Island is famous for their collection of wineries, from Pindar to Lenz and many more. The Finger Lakes Region and Hudson Valley Region also create many great wines. The oldest winery in America is Brotherhood Winery, right on the Hudson Valley!

Pennsylvania and Virginia
The Cradle of Liberty, where the actual Declaration of Independence was signed, is also home to hundreds of wineries. This is where Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration and who later became a president, worked diligently to convince vines to grow in American soil. We have since learned that Phylloxera was the cause of his failures, and in modern days we have overcome that problem to create some fine wines in this region of America.

The West Coast
The Gold Rush of the 1800s had people praising the wealth of the western states - and in modern day USA, it's the liquid gold of Napa Valley and other west coast wineries that brings the praise. Their true rise to fame came with the 1976 Paris Tasting, when the French were riding on the coattails of the US 200th anniversary to get some publicity. Instead of winning handily, two US wineries from California won the competition, firmly proving the quality of wines produced in the US.

Sea to Shining Sea
Every state in the US is now producing wine of some form or another, and many states have hundreds if not thousands of active wineries. Be sure to check out the wineries of the states around you, and see what they have to offer. Some might be just starting out and would love some moral support. Others may have been in operation for years and may be producing wines to rival anything you could find on your wine store's shelves. Draw from the Independent spirit which drove our ancestors, and explore the possibilities!

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